Electro magnetic hold open door closer silver 614EM


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Model : Arrow 614EM/SQ/SE/SE

The Arrow Electromagnetic series is the ultimate solution for fire door safety and Ease of Access.

Linked to the buildings Fire Detection system, the Hold Open closer can be used to safely and legally hold open doors throughout a building to aid flow of traffic, but shut automatically upon first detection of a fire – providing Barrier Free Access for all inhabitants.

Specification: Electromagnetic Standard Arm Closer (links to Fire Detection System); Hold Open Configuration Only; Universal Fitting – Can be installed in Pull Side (Figure 1), Push Side (Figure 6) or Transom Mount (Figure 61)*; Adjustable Latching & Speed as standard.

Manufactured by Freeman & Pardoe.

The 613/4/5/6U Universal Hold Open collection of closers are available in the following power sizes and door weights/widths:

Pull Side – Figure 1            
CE Power Size Maximum Door Weight/Width         Model Number        
3 60kg/950mm 613U
4 80kg/1100mm 614U
5 100kg/1250mm 615U
6 120kg/1400mm 616U

*Transom Mount (Figure 61) Power Sizes are the same as above for Pull Side (Figure 1)

Push Side – Figure 6          
CE Power Size Maximum Door Weight/Width         Model Number        
3 60kg/950mm 614U
4 80kg/1100mm 615U


Cover Options: Available in Square or Flowline

Finish Options: Available in Stainless Steel, Chrome or Brass as standard or available in one of our exclusive designs or coloured finishes

Material: Manufactured from British Extruded Aluminium and British Steel

Fire Tested: 120 Minutes

Body Specification:
Length (mm)     Height (mm)     Depth (mm)     Weight (kg)
278 60 46 2.3 / 2.35 (variable by model)


BSEN 1155 (Electrical) BSEN 1154 (Mechanical)
BSEN 1634 (Fire Test) BS8300 (Ease of Access)


Meeting the requirements for Ease of Access

The Guild of Architectural Ironmongers (GAI) and BS 8300 recommends the inclusion of Electromagnetic solutions to ensure standards for Ease of Access, Building Regulations, the Equality Act and Advanced Document M (ADM) are met.

Compared with traditional Mechanical Door Closers, Electromagnetic Door Closers have extremely low opening forces, and therefore are not materially affected by external factors such as hinges, seals, latches, air pressure and variable fitting standards & positions.

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