100mm Polished brass washered hinges (pair)


pair (plus VAT)

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Model : Carlisle Brass HDSW2PB

Size 102 x 67mm Complete with fixing screws

A solid brass, steel washered butt hinge, ideal for internal doors of light to medium weight. The Butt Hinge is often considered more appropriate in residential properties due to the size of the hinge knuckle being smaller and more discreet than the knuckle on ball bearing hinges. Suitable for standard internal residential doors a pair of hinges is adequate; however fitting 3 hinges per door has its advantages. It will look aesthetically pleasing and from a practical viewpoint it helps spread the load evenly and will help to overcome twisting or warping. This can sometimes happen to doors over a period of time where heat and moisture are a factor. Comes with a 10 year mechanical guarantee. Suitable for domestic use.

Also available in chrome plate